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Being Human : le mot de la fin de Toby Whithouse

Toby Whithouse a le mot de la fin pour sa magnifique série "Being Human"

Toby Whithouse a le mot de la fin pour sa magnifique série « Being Human »

En attendant de vous mettre ma review du tout dernier épisode de Being Human (elle est écrite, j’vous jure, depuis lundi… il faut juste que je fasse les captures d’écran qui iront avec ! :p), voilà une déclaration du créateur de la série, Toby Whithouse, qui revient sur cette fin (attention spoiler ;)) et nous promet une ultime vidéo bonus exclusive à la sortie DVD… on a hâte de la voir, surtout avec la fin « ambigüe » que ce vicelard nous a pondu^^; Bonne lecture :

And so, farewell.

With a heavy heart we have to say goodbye to Being Human. It’s been without doubt the most enjoyable, the most rewarding and challenging experience of my entire career. I think I became a writer so I could write something like Being Human.

A word or two about the ending. We wrestled with the exact nature of the conclusion for a long time. Should it be definitive? If so, should it be a happy ending? Or would that feel somehow cheap and convenient? Should it be bleak? Would our heroes sacrificing themselves to save humanity be a fitting finale? But instinctively I felt that this would be too neat. I think I wanted the ending to be a comma, rather than full stop. The fact is that there simply isn’t an ending that will please everyone.

As I’ve said before the world and the characters should belong to the fans now, and by leaving them dead or even human again would rob the audience of that. And so we settled on something deliberately ambiguous. Though I hope you’ll agree that it preserves the defining qualities of the show. Our heroes are left courageous and united – wherever that may be.

But it doesn’t quite end there. On the DVD there will be an extra scene – one that takes place, in my mind, a week or so after the end of Episode 6. It answers the question I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves now – what’s happened to them? Did they save the world? And at the same time it allows scope for further stories, a future life for the show and the characters.

I should point out that this wasn’t intended as a way of boosting DVD sales! We always planned to shoot an extra scene for the DVD and when it came to deciding what that scene should be, we thought it would be a good opportunity to give a little closure. Even if ‘closure’ means the turning of another page.

But that’s a little way off. So for now, let’s celebrate all we’ve achieved. And I include the fans and the bloggers and the viewers in that. Together we made the show a success. We plucked it from the strange limbo of ‘pilot land’, cherished it and nurtured it and made it into something very, very special. So thank you all. From the bottom of my heart. I’ve always said that the tenacity and loyalty and passion of the fans kept me inspired and determined over the last five brilliant years.

I was asked the other day what I would like the legacy of Being Human to be. The stories that inspired me as an adolescent were the ones that took place in our world. I imagined I was just inches away from some epic conflict and all I had to do was reach out, pass through some invisible membrane and suddenly I’d be immersed in some ancient and secret story.

It made me see the world differently, it prompted me to create stories that allowed me to escape my drab and stultifying world. So in terms of a legacy I’d like to think that our show has made people look at the world in a slightly different way. That it’s opened the door, just a crack, to your imagination and fanned the flames of your speculation and creativity. Nothing would make me happier than for these stories to have inspired you to make your own.

Be nice to each other.

Toby x

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