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Being Human : Kate Bracken – Questions/Réponses avec les fans

Un « Questions/Réponses » entre Kate Bracken et les fans de Being Human !

Un « Questions/Réponses » entre Kate Bracken et les fans de Being Human !

Comme promis, après Damien Molony (> Cliquez ici <) et Michael Socha (> Cliquez ici <) c’est maintenant au tour de Kate Bracken (Alex, le fantôme hyper-actif de la série ^^) de se prêter au jeu du tout dernier « Questions/Réponses » avec les fans… L’actrice nous y apparait comme étant tout aussi énergique que son personnage ! Bonne lecture ^^.

– LouLou22: Who’s been your favourite guest star? And… if you could be any other character in show (past & present) who would it be & why?
Kate Bracken: This is honestly so hard. Hand on heart I’ve loved each and every one of the guest stars. Amanda who played Lady Mary was amazing, I felt like I learnt a lot from her. And Danny who played Decky was one of the coolest kids ever – he had me in stitches and literally felt like my wee bro for the short time I worked with him. But honestly everyone has been so brilliant.
If I could be another character…maybe Herrick?! Like a female version though just to make that clear…he’s so brilliantly bad!

– JakeHamblin: I think you are brilliant as Alex! My question is, If you couldn’t eat or drink anything in real life what would you miss the most?
Kate Bracken: Thank you! And sweet and salty popcorn. It’s my kryptonite.

– Scarlett: Firstly, I love Alex, and you are a brilliant actress! Secondly, as a ghost you have to wear the same outfit the whole time, if you could pick another outfit Alex could wear what would it be? A wedding dress for her and Hal maybe ;) x
Kate Bracken: NO MORE DRESSES! I had enough trouble with that one! It would have to be a onesie for ultimate comfort.

– FrazerVarney: How much are you and Alex alike?
Kate Bracken: I would probably say we’re quite different. She’s much more funny than I am, and more kick ass. I’m also a bit more chilled out about stuff unless it’s something I feel strongly about. And I’d say I’m a bit more girly than her too. But she’s got a fire within her, which is something I think we definitely have in common.

– Harriet Oswin: What is your relationship like with the other actors on set?
Kate Bracken: We fight aaaall the time. No, they are beeping brilliant. Damien and Michael are two of the most talented and lovely guys I have ever worked with and they constantly have me laughing. And for the guest actors that have come on too, they’ve all been incredible.
You hear horror stories of people being divas on shows but that’s what has made this experience incredible is that there’s been no egos whatsoever – and everyone’s up for a laugh.

– Nasima: How did you prepare for your role as a ghost? and has this experience made you believe that there are such supernatural things in the world? p.s. I hope to see more of you back on our screens in the future :))
Kate Bracken: I find that sitting in my trailer with a white sheet over my head watching Casper really gets me in the zone… But no, I never really focused too much on the ghost side of things when I was prepping for the role because I think that at the end of the day, she’s fairly new to this world herself so doesn’t know a lot about the ins and outs of it all. Not like vampires who have all this history behind them. So I focused more about trying to get her character right and the ghost stuff came after that.
I can safely say I definitely don’t believe in vamps and werewolves but, no joke my kettle turned itself on the other day, started boiling, then turned itself off again… so that’s clearly proof that ghosts are real right?

– Emily Spencer: Just thought i’d let you know, I absolutely LOVE Alex, I pray that she gets out of her own coffin by next episode, and tells everyone exactly what has been going on! My question is: What is it like to be an actress? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do and how did you end up in acting?
Kate Bracken: Thanks! I love being an actress, to me it’s definitely the BEST job in the world! It’s pretty much all I ever wanted to do – I think when I was about 9 I wanted to be a vet for a fleeting moment but acting’s definitely something I’ve been set on for a long time.
I started just by going to an amateur drama group in my hometown and then from there just got more and more involved with it and decided to go off and study it so it’s always been something I’ve worked at I guess.

– ben_turner: You are one fine, gorgeous actress indeed! My question is: How did it feel when you got the part of Alex?

Kate Bracken: So, soooo amazing – I remember the exact moment I found out so vividly. I’d not long moved to London and I’d just been to sign on at the Job Centre, but they told me to go home and do it over the phone instead. I was moping my way home when I got the call about 15 minutes later saying I got the part – I never ever thought I would end up becoming one of the leads though.

– Aileen Young: Being a Scottish lassie, did you miss Irn Bru while you were filming, and did you managed to get anybody to try it?
Kate Bracken: Ha! Of course! And absolutely not, I kept the sweet taste of girders all to myself.

– Calum: If you could haunt any celebrity, politician or public figure alive today who would it be and why?
p.s. you are awesome as Alex.
Kate Bracken: Good question! JUSTIN BEIBER. I’d teach him a lesson for being 2 hours late to stage…  (I wasn’t at his gig by the way. Just to be VERY clear.)

HalsBloodSupply: Kate! This week’s episode blew my mind! You are such a terrific actress! I just wanted to know what is your favourite Alex quote?
Kate Bracken: Ahhhhh I can’t think!! I know I’ll think of a better one as soon as I’ve done this. However ‘Cool your chebs’ was a great line. Chebs is far too underused.

– ShoePigeon: Did you get to keep the boots?
Kate Bracken: I did! Although they’re not really my style.  I wore them to get up the hill to go shopping  when the snow was here though – the grip on those things is crazy good.

– bubberloo: What was your most favourite episode to shoot?

Kate Bracken: This is so hard!! I don’t know if I have a favourite episode – more like moments from different episodes – like I loved all the stuff in the basement at the end of series 4. And I really loved all the stuff in the house throughout… the house scenes always seem to have a really nice feel about them, even if they’re not necessarily nice scenes.
There’s also a couple of scenes in the final ep, one quite emotionally challenging and the other quite physically challenging, which were both amazing to film.

– Charlotte Fitzhugh: If you had to Rentaghost to any place in real life, where would it be and why?
Kate Bracken: Maybe like the top of Mount Everest – just so you could say you’ve been up and seen the view but you don’t have to go through the effort of ice picks and oxygen masks and all that malarky. And then straight back to a hot beach somewhere to soak up some sun. I’d say that’s a pretty good day.

– Daniel Pederson: Hi Kate what is it like working with Michael Socha and Damien Molony?
Kate Bracken: A lot of fun! There’s never a dull moment when the pair of them are around. I love doing scenes with these guys but it can be pretty hard sometimes because when we’re all in a scene together we tend to get the giggles.
The French online scene was a brilliant example. We couldn’t stop laughing for about 15mins, like that really uncontrollable laughter that the more you try to stop the worse it gets. All over the word ‘pamplemousse’. Who knew?

– Jessica Nutt: Hi Kate! You have some pretty hard-core emotional scenes, and some fantastic comedic scenes. My question is, which do you think is more fun to do?
Kate Bracken: Funny scenes are always a good laugh to do – it’s always nice to do something light and be able to play around with it and be a bit silly. Saying that though I love the darker scenes… it’s a great feeling to be able to let go and get all emotional and really get into a zone.  The scene with Alex and Hal in the rain just after she’d seen him drink from Natasha was great for that.

– Scott Henry: Hello Kate, I’d just like to say that you’re awesome as Alex, and I’m gutted we aren’t getting another series with the three of you. My question is: Do you and the boys ever hang out off set/outside of the show?
Kate Bracken: Yeah! In fact all the cast and crew are great for that. It’s so nice that even at the end of a long day where everyone’s been working very intensely with one another that we could all still go out for a meal together or go catch a film or something. It’s very much a family in that way, which is really lovely.

– Shelly: I love Alex , you’re an inspiration as well , but do you think that someone who wants to become an actress / actor has got to be uniquely talented or could anybody become one and how did you get noticed?
Kate Bracken: That’s a toughie… I think there’s definitely got to be a spark of some sort there, but just because you don’t see it in yourself doesn’t mean to say you haven’t got it. I think if you want something enough and you work hard then you can definitely achieve it.
I was incredibly lucky in that I happened to meet some very lovely casting directors whilst I was still at college, who then decided to give me a chance at auditioning for something. It kind of all just spiralled from there. Right place at the right time!

– rubyrosettared: What has been your most memorable moment from your time on Being Human?
Kate Bracken: Another very difficult one!
There have been so many. The explosion in Series 4 was pretty memorable. We were all quite nervous because we knew we only had one shot to get it right and I just kept thinking ‘what if we don’t react properly?!’…  but I don’t think any of us were prepared for the noise and heat that came off that blaze! I’ll never forget that.
And, of course, I think watching the final shot EVER being filmed will be something that I’ll always remember. Everyone was there behind the monitors watching and I just remember thinking at the time that it was a pretty special moment.

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