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Being Human : Michael Socha – Questions/Réponses avec les fans

Un « Questions/Réponses » entre Michael Socha et les fans de Being Human !

Un « Questions/Réponses » entre Michael Socha et les fans de Being Human !

Il y a quelques semaines c’était Damien Molony qui se prêtait au jeu des « Questions/Réponses » avec les fans présents sur le blog officiel de la série (> Cliquez ici < pour voir l’article), c’est maintenant au tour de l’acteur Michael Socha (Tom, notre loup-garou préféré) de tenter l’expérience. Michael est beaucoup plus laconique dans ses réponses que Damien, mais ça reste tout aussi plaisent. La prochaine fois ce sera évidement au tour de Kate Bracken de s’y coller ;). 

– LouLou22: Can you tell us more about the rap Damien made up for you? :-p
Michael Socha: It was sublime! It was a rap that built my confidence, like a pep talk. It guided me through every aspect of life. It was a great rap.

– Katfaircloth1: Have you had any supernatural experiences ? :-)
Michael Socha: Yeah, when I was a kid and out fishing with a friend, we thought we’d seen a spaceship… but looking back now I think it was just a Chinese lantern.

– jazz_valjazz: HEY MICHAEL! If you could choose to be a werewolf, vampire and ghost in real life which would you pick? :) x
Michael Socha: Always a werewolf. I’m a werewolf through and through. The vampires are evil, and they’ve got no control over their condition… but the werewolves are lovely. Apart from when they eat people. They’re able to exercise some restraint. I wouldn’t like to be a ghost. No-one can hear you and I like to be quite loud at the best of times.

– PlanetaryWolves: Who has been your favourite guest star to work with and why?
Michael Socha: I’ve loved working with them all! They were all great. I can’t choose, that’s the honest answer. I liked everyone for different reasons. Some I’ve liked working with and some I’ve liked watching. Colin Hoult was definitely one I loved working with and watching. Same for Ricky Grover.

– HalsBloodSupply: Hey Michael! I absolutely love the show and I just wanted to know, what is the best thing about working with Damien and Kate? :)
Michael Socha: The laugh that we have together and the fact they’re both professional and take the work really seriously. It’s so nice to work with friends… and they’re proper friends.

– SarahLou: Hi Michael! Did you get to keep anything from the set after filming as something to remember your time on Being Human? :)
Michael Socha: Yeah! I’ve got loads! I got a clapper board as a present, which is ace. I kept my werewolf teeth and eyes. The marker for McNair’s grave. Some rubber stakes. A whittled werewolf. Loads!

– Saffz: What is your favourite Tom quote?
Michael Socha: I love the ones that come directly from his dad. « Always be kind and polite and have the materials to make a bomb. » How you to be « polite and courteous and if a lady came in you stood up and took off any hats, and it it’s a vampire you staked ’em. » And « only steel from big shops, there’s food eating on a rabbit, underpants turned inside out buys you another week. »

– lalalalaa: Do you have to do any maintenance on your eyebrows or are they just naturally that sick?
Michael Socha: Shall I give my secret away? Alright: I have to pluck them otherwise I’d be like a werewolf. There’s something my mum says – never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle. I have to pluck between my eyebrows so that my mother will trust me.

– TomWells: What’s your favourite music? Did you use music to get into ‘the zone’ before playing Tom at all?
Michael Socha: Yeah, I listen to a bit of music in the trailer before doing a scene. If it’s a crazy fight I’ll listen to a bit of dub step. Or if it’s emotional I’ll listen to an Adele song. Or if I just need to chill out I’ll listen to a bit of reggae like Barrington Levy.

– Alice: What do you do on set to pass time when you’re not filming?
Michael Socha: Mostly I mess about with Damien and Kate. We play trailer roulette, where you hide in a trailer – any trailer – and they’ve got to find you. I generally annoy other people on set by asking loads of questions. I think of a master plan props guy, Danny… we got Producer Polly to act all moody and ask Danny if she could have a word with him in a separate room. We were hiding when he walked in and we all attacked him with silly string and the like.

– lawcool3: In what ways are you like Tom?

Michael Socha: Well Tom is kind and loyal and truthful and dependable. He’s a lovely, lovely guy. I’m not like that all the time, but that’s the food in me. He shows me what I’m capable of being.

– Georgie 
Michael: I truly love your character Tom, but what role/type of character would you like to see yourself play next? X
Michael Socha: I want to play something that’s not me at all. A big challenge. Something way out there. Maybe a Ugandan transvestite hayfever tablet addict.

– Tasmin: What has been the most emotional scene you’ve acted in as the marvellous Tom McNair?
Michael Socha: It has to be the one coming up in the series finale. There’s nothing Tom can do to stop Hal from being the Hal he is. The times that I feel emotional are when others are feeling for Tom. When they’re sad for Tom. That’s what’s upsetting for me.

– sam: Hi Michael, simply: Marmite…love or hate? X
Michael Socha: Hate it.

– Gerry: Bobby would have taken Burt Reynolds and Worzel Gummidge poster, what poster would you keep?
Michael Socha: A magic eye poster because I’ve never been able to do them. If I had one of those I could learn how to find the picture inside.

– Caveman: Is there any sibling rivalry between you and your sister? seeing as you both starred in very popular television shows (Being Human and Misfits), do you ever joke over which one is better?
Michael Socha: Yeah we do! When we’re back at our mum’s house there’ll be a lot of banter. We both hope that the the other does alright, though.

– Su Hemming: Do you think you will do any theatre work in the near future?
Michael Socha:I really hope so. I love it. I started out doing theatre and really enjoyed it. There’s no theatre in the pipeline at the moment.

– Peacock_Gemstone: Hi Michael! 
What for you has been the highlight of Being Human?
The friendships I made and the experiences I had and the things I learnt every day. Also the explosion down the docks was cool!

– Whimsyfox: If you were on a deserted island and had to pick 3 things to take, what would you take. And what would Tom take?
Michael Socha: GREAT QUESTION! I think Tom and I would go for the same three things because we’re both practical people. We’d want a device to make fresh water, a net to catch a fish and seeds to grow fruit to stop me from getting scurvy. If you’re in that situation you wouldn’t want a family there because it’s not a family environment.
What kind of choice is it between having something to entertain you or having something to eat? You want something to eat every time. For Entertainment you can always just dig a big hole, anyway. That’s great entertainment!

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